Types of  sport betting 


Sports betting is a vague term, and thus, using it on IDN SPORT might be appropriate.  It covers a variety of activities that are related, and you can apply it to wagers, which are associated with sports. The most popular way of betting is fixed odds betting, but it is not the only one. 

There are various types of sports betting, which might be new. Apart from the internet change on the way how to place wagers, it has also opened for new ways of wagering. Some types have been on for an extended period, even before the internet. 

The following are some types of sports betting:

Fixed-odds betting

Most of the sport betting guides tend to relate to fixed odds. It is the traditional way of sports betting, and it is the most common one with most people, even those on IDN SPORT. You might not be familiar with the fixed odds term. It is a term that denotes both parties agree on the wager when it is being placed. In case the wager wins, it is then paid out at the agreed odds, even if the odds have moved. 

With fixed-odds sports betting, it is straightforward. You will wager on what will happen in the sport. It is possible to be able to place on a wager on a team that is likely to win the match or the player that is going to scorer more goals. In case you pick the right player or team, your wager then wins, and you are paid. 

With fixed odds, you have a variety of wagers which you can bet on. There are different things which you can put on a bet. If you are new on sport betting, then you need to have information that will enable you to win. 

Live betting/in play

It is a form of fixed-odds betting. Though the wagers happen to be placed on sporting events like the fixed odd betting, the difference is that you still can bet on the circumstances even when they have already started. 

With traditional betting, wagers have to be placed before the events start. With live betting, the rule is different as you will be able place a wager even when the game is in play, even up to the last minute of the game.

It is a form of betting which is relatively new. It is a few years old now, and this is due to the power of the internet that enables it to be in play. Though it is online available at sites such as IDN SPORT, it has become popular. Most of the online gambling sites give a platform for betting, covering a more comprehensive number of sports and events. 

When betting in play, there are a variety of wagers you can place like which team is likely going to win, but the odds will keep on fluctuating. Another pro of live betting is that you are given enough time to study the game before you place your bet. 


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