Pre requisite to apply for Singapore employment pass

Singapore is a developed city and it is popular for being a global financial center, a shopping paradise and as a spot for a variety of activities, cuisines and entertainment. Every year a throng of visitors come to this place to enjoy the beauty and glamour of this place, which is popular around the globe. It has always been a source of fascination for the tourists and the people who are in search of better job opportunities. Both the natives and the foreigners who abide by the rules and regulations of their country can only maintain the dignity and decorum of the nation. The country is famous for its clean, safe and green environment. Therefore, it attracts many visitors.

Requirements to acquire Employment Pass

The candidates, who have a job offer at the post of manager, executive or any other high-profile job from Singapore, can easily acquire Singapore employment pass from the Singapore government. It allows the foreign professionals and intellectuals to get the work permit of Singapore. It is mandatory for the candidates to draw a minimum fixed salary decided by Singaporean EP. The minimum fixed salary is different for the young aspirants and older experienced people. It is also required that the person should have high qualification from the recognized and reputed universities in the world.

 It takes around three weeks to receive permission from the employment office of Singapore to continue working there. The applicants get the notification letter to work there and can travel in and out to carry out the business and professional ventures without an entry visa. The people who work in Singapore without the governmental permission, are not allowed to stay there longer. Ultimately, they need the employment pass to work there.

Documents required for Singapore EP

The candidates can apply online as well as offline to get the work permit. Along with it, some documents are required for the complete identification and verification of the candidate. Without which, it is arduous to avail an opportunity to work in one of the wonderful places in the world. The documents required for its application are:

  • References/testimonials from previous employees
  • A copy of the personal details entered in passport
  • Details of the company one is working for
  • A copy of the candidate’s job profile and his responsibilities
  • A latest passport sized photograph
  • EP Application form duly signed by the government official of Singapore
  • A latest copy of resume and a copy of certificate of higher education from a recognized university

Singapore has more favorable conditions to work than any other country in the world. It attracts the people to visit this place due to its beauty and better working conditions. The candidates who are eligible to attain Singaporean employment pass can bring their spouse and kids to Singapore. It is also noticeable that one should apply for the renewal of the pass at least four weeks before the visa gets expired. Undoubtedly, if one qualifies all the eligibility criteria to avail the advantage of working and living in Singapore should not miss this opportunity.

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