Nasty juice is one of the best e-juiceavailable on the market. If you have ever visited vape websites or vape stores, you might have seen a wider selection of pods that are just colorful, bottles and cartridges that are filled with vape juice or flavored e-liquid. the vape juice is normally heated in e-cigarettes and the vape rigs, creating an aerosol which the users then inhale.

Vape juice is found in various flavors that include children’s cereals and bubblegum. Before taking the vape flavors and ingredients you need to know how they are likely to affect your health.

What is vape juice?

Flavor is known to be one of the many ingredients found in the e-liquid. The vape juicesnormally include nicotine and other chemicals and additives and the ingredients that are unpredictable are the problem. Even the heating coil, that allows the liquid to become an aerosol that is inhalable, releases other new chemicals and metal traces which go into the lungs of the user. 

There are a variety of ingredients which are found in the e liquidsand up to date, there is no one who happens to take responsibility in accounting for them. While there could be standards for production for the e-cig commercial companies, the vape shopsstandards, homemade, or off brand online vape juice blends tend to be less consistent. 

It is believed that the vape juice can have a variety of things which might be toxic. There might be flavors, nicotine, dyes, the THC and other substances. There are so many concoctions with reports saying that, there are people who place multivitamins, essential oils or some medicines into e-liquids.

Is it safe to use vape juice?

Some of the additives that are added to the e-liquids are known to be dangerous with some being quite deadly.  An example is the acetate vitamin E which has been found in patients with EVALI – lung injury that is associated with vaping product or e-cigarettes. It is a syndrome that is potentially fatal and normally associated with vaping, and it happened to be on the rise in 219. It is ok to eat vitamin E but when you inhale, it becomes toxic. 

Some of the patients done the x-ray having EVALI have shown to have sings of the oily chemical that irritates the lungs.  So when inhaling the vape juice, it might be hard to know what should be considered to be safe. You might be able to eat something and it be safe but if you inhale, it might have effects that are harmful. 

According to research, there is limited evidence that show that the flavors of vape juice in themselves are dangerous to the users individually. But unknown research show that when the flavors are combined with other ingredients in the vape juice and heated, can create a totally new compound that might become harmful.  When harmful substances are inhaled, it can affect more than just your lungs. There are some vaping enthusiasts who describe the phenomenon known as vaper’s tongue which causes a sudden partial or full loss of the ability to be able to taste.

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