Cannabis as a treatment for COVID-19

Cannabis is a plant that is grown in some countries and is consumed by humans. Human needs cannabis as it is essential for their body. Along with the needs, some myths has also been made by humans, which are undefined, and these myths should be cleared. This is because cannabis is a substitute for a substance present in the human body, and it completes the need for that substance in our body. The receptors present in our body works well after consuming weed, and because of this, some countries have made it legal, and doctors recommend it to their patients.

The need of the body can be completed through cannabis dispensaryWeed includes two main compounds: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Cannabis can be taken in any form orally, in injection and smoked. This is because it has so many different types of products that contain cannabis it like oil, gels, gummies, edibles, etc. After having complete anatomy of weed, people still have created myths in their mind that it will harm their body and they will get out of their mind. Let’s discuss some myths and the needs of consuming cannabis in humans.


Cannabis is mainly used in medicines, and if we check its history, it is used in making medicines for so long and is still going on. Plus, its use has also become essential and approved by FDA, and the USA has also legalized weed for people. The medical industry has started saving this compound for some particular diseases as it is used in curing so many chronic diseases in humans as well as animals. Research which was done in 2017 has stated that weed is useful in curing nausea, chronic pain, muscle spasms and also for some serious issues like multiple sclerosis (MS). Some health conditions are also there in which we need weed to cure them, which are: AIDS, Cancer, Severe pain, Muscle Tearing, etc.

Besides all this, the endocannabinoid system in our body also needs a substance that has the same nature as that of weed. When there is a deficiency of that substance or compound in the body, our body needs to sit, and we can take it externally in the form of cannabis.


  • One of the most viral myths about cannabis in people is that they think a person will get addicted to weed after he/she starts consuming it. But, this is absolutely wrong as it has been researched by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), and they have suggested that if a person consumes cannabis regularly with the consent of a doctor, then he/she will never get addicted of this.
  • Another myth is that people think that if a person takes it once, then he/she will get addicted to it, and it will take him/her towards death. But, this is also wrong as it has been surveyed that 1 out of 10 person gets addicted the cannabis. And this is also possible when he/she takes it in a big amount which is higher than the usual one. One should always take it with the consent of a doctor.  

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