You must have heard about Israel charities striving to support the IDF soldiers. But what is this all about? Israel has been facing some security threats from neighboring countries for a while. Young men and women of armed forces are committed to protect the independence and sovereignty of Israel. Unfortunately, there is a large number of soldiers in the IDF with no family or relatives to support or care for him or her.

It is estimated that there are almost 7,000 lone soldiers living in Israel right now and return to empty homes after duty which can be really disheartening for these young soldiers. You can donate best Isreali charities like Meir Panim to support IDF soldiers.

How to donate and support IDF soldiers?

According to statistics, almost 45% of our soldiers are not actually from Israel and have come from other countries with a commitment and promise to protect our future generations. These soldiers are sacrificing a lot to make our country a safer place to live. By donating a small amount and helping these charities we can support our IDF soldiers who deserve our love and care.

What makes Meir Panim the best charity?

Just like our soldiers are fighting against intruders and enemies, Meir Panim is fighting against hunger, emotional distress, and loneliness. With your generous donation, they would deliver hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, or food packages to these lone soldiers. Meir Panim believes in humanity, care, and love for a unified and proud community against food insecurity and hunger.

Meir Panim offers a great platform to connect anyone who wants to support IDF soldiers with these young men and women who wear uniforms of the IDF. You can also show the love and support for IDF soldiers by treating them to a Shabbat or holiday meal.

By Justin