How to name a star with NASA?

NASA (national aeronautics and space administration) is the organization that conducts researches in space and has nothing to do with the stars. Many people confuse this organization with the other. The only organization associated with the star naming is IAU (international astronomical union). Therefore, NASA is not your place; visit the right organization for the star registry.

Can I give someone a star gift?

A gift is something special that you give to someone on a special occasion. There are moments in which you give someone gifts. A present can be of any sort, but for the special moment, a special gift is a need. So for this occasion, we suggest you go for a star gift. A star is a perfect gift for your loved ones that shows your love and affection for them. You can use this gift on occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day, new year’s eve, thanksgiving, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. Lastly, you can name the star for someone who has left the earth, to keep their name among the stars forever.

How can I legally adopt a star?

Well, everyone can own that star, but this star doesn’t belong to anybody. The idea of giving someone a selected star is not to make them fool. The stars are just like a large gas ball that is not an appropriate living place. Thus, if you own a spaceship to visit a planet, you can’t live on that planet. It is barely an idea of giving someone a gift to make them happy. It is a meaningful, fun gift to tell your loved ones about your love for them.

Are the coordinates valid?

The organizations use different star databases and are approved by the largest star research company, the international astronomical union. Organizations use sky map apps to help you in tracking your start location.

What is the difference between star buying and adopting a star?

These both are relatively the same thing. People use different ways to approach these services, some go for looking at other options to buy a star, while others look for opportunities to name a star but are the same things. All the records keep on saving in databases so everyone can visit.

 Does adopting a star require time?

The process takes only 10 minutes; all you need to do is fill a form about the star you’re willing to adopt. After that, you proceed to check out by using a credit card, PayPal, Google pay, apple pay, and other payment methods. The transfer of information takes only 10 minutes and the record automatically saves in the database. The confirmation email comes just after 5 minutes, showing all the details of your star. In the physical package, you receive an email copy of the certificate and a star map. This process takes time to be shipped. Delivery of the package depends on your area of living and the shipping method you have selected but mostly it is 3-5 business days.

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