Selecting the best twentieth-anniversary gift for your loved one is not a tricky task. If you are living with her for 20 years then you must be well aware of what she likes and what she doesn’t. The main problem occurs when you want to surprise her with some special gift.  In that situation, giving a jewelry item is also worthless because in the previous 20 years you might have given several jewelry pieces. So, a personalized item can be one of the best 20th anniversary gifts for her jewelry. 

Items you can gift

Personalized pendent 

To make it personalized, you can try many ways. One of the best could be the inscribed one. For that, you can buy a pendent of any precious material like platinum, gold or diamond and get it inscribed with a loving message. This will make her feel special and she will always keep her near to the heart. You can also make 20th anniversary jewelry more beautiful by getting both of your photos inscribed on it and color it with attractive paints. This will allow her to wear it on any special occasion and show your love towards her in front of others. 

Anniversary pewter plate 

It is one of the best options and a great antique piece that you can give her on your 20th anniversary. Get your and her name inscribed on the plate in a unique design and mention the year of your marriage on it. Whenever she sees it, she will always remember you and the special moments spend in the entire life.  The best thing about these items is that they are made with a hard material that can bear heavy wear and tear. Also, they don’t need any special care and money to keep it in the good condition no matter how long it is kept unclean.

By Justin