Tennis is a unique sport, while it’s easy for some to dismiss as just hitting a ball, there’s so much more to it than that. 

As you may already know, there are many different types of tennis matches and strategies that can be played out on the court which makes the game even more engaging than other sports, but what else makes tennis special?

Players Can Move In Ways That Other Sports Don’t Allow

Tennis is a sport that allows for more movement than others according to  Dr Eugene Kramer and in tennis, you can move in ways that other sports don’t allow. 

For example, you can hit the ball out of your opponent’s reach and then run around them to get it back; this is not possible in football or basketball because there are no obstacles between teammates on the field or court or ice.

In contrast with tennis’ freedom of movement and ability to surprise opponents with unexpected movements, many other sports have strict rules about where players must stand at all times during play. 

For example, baseball players aren’t allowed to leave their bases while they’re batting; they can only run backward or forward towards home plate without going around any obstacles like trees or buildings.

Adjusting To The Conditions

If it’s hot and sunny, they play defensively and take time away from their opponent and if it’s cold and windy, they will go for winners as much as possible. 

The weather can also affect the court surface for example, if there is rain forecasted for later in the day or night, then this may mean that there are more lines being marked on the court than usual due to rain washing away chalk.

There’s A Lot Of Strategy Involved In Tennis

When you play tennis per se by  Dr Eugene Kramer, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and the score could be tied and you’re down to your last point; or maybe your opponent has been dominating the whole game and just won another point off of you. 

And even if nothing bad has happened yet, there’s always the possibility that it will in the next few seconds and then what.

That’s why it’s important to know how strategy plays into every match and you have to be aware of everything going on around you: where each player stands relative to the court boundaries; who has more points than whom; whether or not either player has hit an ace or double faulted recently or at all. 

There are also some personal factors involved here: how well each person is playing their own game plan as well as how good they are at reading their opponent’s movements based on past experience playing against him/her before today.

Tennis Is A Game For All Ages

It can be played by anyone, regardless of age, ability or disability as well as tennis is a great way to get exercise and stay fit while having fun with friends or family. It’s also an excellent way to meet new people.


Tennis is a game that allows you to be as creative as you want with your shots and strategies and it’s also one of the few sports where players can move around so much during play, which means that they have to be quick on their feet.

By Justin