Sex work has been stigmatized and criminalized for years, often leaving those who have engaged in the industry with little access to other job opportunities. However, hiring a former sex worker can bring about numerous benefits to a company. Not only do these individuals possess a unique skill set, but they also bring a new perspective to the workplace. In this article, we’ll explore why hiring former whorehouse (laufhaus)can be beneficial to businesses.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is key to any business. Former sex workers excel in communicating effectively, as their job involved interacting with a wide range of people. They are able to quickly gauge a person’s needs and emotions, and respond accordingly. This skill translates into a great asset for businesses with clients or customers. Their ability to convey thoughts and concerns in a clear manner can help to close deals, increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall communication within the workplace.


Sex work is not a predictable profession, with new clients and unexpected situations arising constantly. Former sex workers have been trained to adapt to changing circumstances and remain calm under pressure. This ability to adapt quickly helps them to be versatile in their work, able to handle tasks as they come up. Their experiences can help them to be more flexible, and tackle difficult projects with ease.


Having worked in a field where their clients’ satisfaction was paramount, former sex workers often have above-average empathy levels. They are able to listen to their colleagues and clients, understand their perspectives, and address their concerns appropriately. This translates to excellent customer service skills and great leadership when managing teams.

Strong Work Ethic

Former sex workers are used to demanding hours and a rigorous work environment. With quick turnaround times and a wide range of clients, they are well equipped to handle the fast pace and long hours required in many businesses. They have learned to work quickly and efficiently, with excellent attention to detail.

Diverse Backgrounds

Sex work employees come from various backgrounds and life experiences. They are often marginalized and stigmatized, leading to their having a unique perspective to offer. Their experience in and knowledge of different cultures, languages and communities can bring a new level of diversity and inclusivity to any workplace, making it a more welcoming place for all.


The benefits of hiring a former sex worker go beyond the skills they bring to the table; they can help break down barriers, increase empathy and diversity, and foster a new level of communication within a workplace. Despite prejudice against them, these individuals have persevered in a demanding, challenging industry, and their experience is invaluable.

Employers who embrace this opportunity can create a powerful edge for their business. Not only do they demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, but they can also give former sex workers the opportunity to access a wider range of job opportunities and break the cycle of marginalization. By hiring former sex workers, companies are setting an example for others to follow and can contribute to a more fair and equitable society overall.

By Justin