As IT leaders continue to look for ways to help their organizations succeed, ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold Partnership provides them with an array of exceptional benefits for their agencies. If you’re still wondering whether signing up for this partnership is the right move for your organization, understand the many ways your agencies could benefit from it may help make your decision easier. Here are some of the top advantages of ATP Gov’s microsoft gold partnership.

Better Customer Support

One of the immediate benefits of ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold partnership is getting in-depth, 24/7 customer support from Microsoft whenever you might need it. This is especially beneficial in ensuring support response times are kept to a minimum in case of unexpected technical issues. Remember that running on a faster resolution time could help in increasing the productivity of government agencies significantly.

Access to the Latest Technologies

By partnering with ATP Gov, your agency gets to work with the newest software, technologies, and updates from the trusted tech giant. As new software and applications come out, ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold partnership ensures your agency is always at the forefront of technology, which significantly helps in staying competitive within the industry.

Priority Access to Microsoft Engineers

Once you sign-up for ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold partnership, you get immediate access to Microsoft engineers who run day-to-day maintenance on your IT systems. This is beneficial for agencies looking to minimize downtime, enabling them to maximize their productivity. With a priority approach and guaranteed availability from Microsoft experts – your agency can be confident that any technical issues that arise will receive proper attention.

Security and Compliance

Maintaining robust security protocols is a top priority for any government agency with valuable and classified data. When catering to this aspect, ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold partnership makes sure to provide sophisticated security and various anomaly detection capabilities to strengthen agencies’ IT systems’ overall security. Moreover, the partnership guarantees that the agencies meet compliance laws by complying with shareable and authorized frameworks.

Cost Savings

When you sign-up for ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold partnership, you gain access to a range of tools, processes, and resources that significantly help minimize the time and costs required to maintain your IT systems. You cut on various expenses that are associated with software licensing and updating, employee recruiting, and l maintaining a business-oriented IT for better performance. In the long term, these costs add up, and the membership pays off in the end.


In conclusion, federal and local government agencies must keep up with the latest technology trends to keep up with the rest of the industry, and that’s where ATP Gov’s Microsoft Gold partnership comes in. The benefits we’ve covered above are just a few reasons why you need to sign up for this partnership. With the advantages ranging from boosted productivity to cutting expenses, we guarantee that your agency won’t regret making this decision. So why wait? Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and partner with ATP Gov.

By Justin