Mastering the Mind-Bending Times Cryptic Crossword with an Expert - YouTubeCrosswords are an incredibly popular form of entertainment and mental stimulation for all ages. They are great for improving vocabulary, memory, and cognitive abilities. However, for some, crosswords can be intimidating and challenging. That’s where Mordo comes in. Mordo is an online Crossword puzzle solution (פתרון תשחצים) website that provides a variety of puzzles for every skill level. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a look at how to master crosswords with Mordo.


  1. Getting Started with Mordo 


First, visit the Mordo (מורדו) website and create an account. Once you are logged in, you will have a variety of puzzles available to you. Select a puzzle to solve based on your skill level. If you are a beginner, choose an easy puzzle.


  1. Understanding Crossword Clues 


The clues are the hints provided to solve the puzzle. They are typically listed in alphabetical order according to the length of the answer. The best way to tackle the clues is to read them carefully and try to think of multiple answers that could fit within the blank space. Write these options down and use the surrounding letters to eliminate or confirm your answers.


  1. Introduce Cruciverbalist Techniques 


A cruciverbalist is a crossword puzzle expert! These techniques can help you to fill in the puzzle more efficiently. One of these techniques is called “crosswordese.” This refers to the words that are frequently used in crossword puzzles and are often not used in everyday language. Once you learn these words, they will become trapped in your head like a catchy song, making it easier to solve the puzzle. Another technique to use is to fill in the smallest words first, as these are typically the easiest to solve and can give you a head start. 


  1. Crossword Resources 


If you are having trouble, there are a variety of resources available to help you. The internet is a valuable tool, providing endless options for crossword enthusiast. Mordo offers a feature where you can reveal a letter or an entire word if you get stuck (use wisely). Alternatively, visit a crossword puzzle blog where members share answers and help one another find solutions.


  1. Practice Your Skills 


Finally, to master crosswords, you will need to practice often and be patient! Start by solving the easier puzzles and work your way up. It’s also a good idea to keep a crossword puzzle notebook handy to write down any crosswordese or other recurring words you come across. In addition, you can take online quizzes that test your crossword puzzle skills.




In conclusion, mastering crosswords with Mordo is a fun and challenging activity that can significantly improve your mental prowess. By following the above steps: creating an account, understanding crossword clues, learning cruciverbalist techniques, using available resources, and practicing, you will be able to tackle even the most challenging puzzles with ease. Remember, crosswords are a lot like life; sometimes it’s tough, but the satisfaction when you finally overcome the obstacles is worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started, solve some crosswords on Mordo, and let your mind soar!

By Justin