“Anything simple always interests me.” David Hockney

In matters of health – (and disease, if you undertake to appear with that particular side from the gold coin) – there’s forget about simple code of lifestyle than that prescribed through the philosophy and exercise of Nature Cure.

I gave a chat towards the oncology department in a local hospital not very lengthy ago.

The advertising posters portrayed me as ‘an eclectic naturopath’ – filled with herbs, vitamins, tinctures, balms, potions and oils… you realize the kind.

The area was full – students, nurses, doctors – such as the mind from the department.

I had been introduced.

I required the rostrum and began to throw my notes (supposed) in to the air and report that rather of speaking concerning the myriad states of disease and also the pricey efforts to eradicate them – Today we’ll discuss the ‘Causes of Health’ and the way to apply these to a persons organism.

The following two hrs were very insightful – however , folks – It’s that easy!

Forget all of the medical marketing about disease – Let us concentrate on health!

When we use the simple 8 laws and regulations of health – When we pay attention to Nature’s 8 doctors – When we open the 8 petaled lotus of health – When we go ahead and take 8 step road to health…When we simply live in a fashion that produces health – barring accident or trauma – we’ll have health.

For individuals individuals that don’t know the unfolding from the 8 step approach – here you go again

1. A plant based living food diet – eaten with just as much awareness as you possibly can.

2. Learn the skill of breathing – deep, rhythmic and diaphragmatic breathing – to be able to fully oxygenate your bloodstream and take away just as much gaseous waste as you possibly can.

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