Market the name of your institute without money

We all know that marketing is an essential aspect of any business. For marketing, there is not only the need for money, but you also need up proper strategy and platform to market your business. Various ways can help you to market your business, but they only depend on the type of your business and your target audience. Always make a wise choice and market your business on a platform where you can get your target audience. Have a look at where you can cater and reach most of your target audience and then aim that platform to promote your name.

Place that help your institute name to grow

You can make use of online places that can help your institute name to grow and reach students. Sikhami is a platform where you can list your institute or classes for free and reach your target audience. Look for the options which I am not asking for any money and start with them. Initially, try all how no cash is required. When you see your target, audience is recognizing your advertisement for enlistment, then for boosting your business, you can move to a paid membership.

An application that allows you to register free

Sikhami application allows you to register free. There are no hidden charges which you have to pay or any problematic terms and conditions which won’t allow you to register on the application. With the help of this application, you can easily cater to the target students in your area. We can have a look at the batches and courses you offer. Also, they can book a free session with the help of the same application. If they like the free demo class, then they can register for your coaching for the whole session.

Work Flow of App – How it Works

For knowing work flow please see this video:

App links:

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2. Teacher’s App: