Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming a massive trend today, making their security a major concern for the mass owners of these assets. In regards to these concerns, many companies have come up with various measures to ensure the safety of these digital currencies and Ledger, is one of them. 

The company is continuously coming up with new and more secured products and apps to satisfy their customer’s demands and secure their crypto assets. Launched in 2014 in France, this company currently has over 130 employees in over three different cities.

They have developed an operating system called BOLOS for their hardware wallets to ensure top-notch security for their customers. Hardware wallets store your private keys offline, in comparison, with other wallets which are mostly online and this means that they are immune to online threats thus making them more reliable than other wallets.They have three hardware wallet products on sale at the moment namely:

  • Ledger Blue,
  • Ledger Nano X and,
  • Ledger Nano S.

All of the three devices allow multiple apps to operate simultaneously and with the help of the Ledger Live app they are easy to manage and can make buying, selling, exchanging, and other transactions very convenient and safe to operate. The most popular of three is the Ledger Nano S. The Nano S and X devices support smartphone through Bluetooth and computer through cables.

What are the Ledger Wallet applications?

You can Descargar AplicaciÛn Monedero Ledger from the Ledger Live app and install them into your hardware wallets. These applications are required to control your cryptocurrencies. These apps are required on the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X devices as for every individual cryptocurrency there is an individual application available to manage your crypto assets.

These apps are used to confirm the 24 words recovery phrase by calculating your private keys and verifying the transactions and receiving addresses. The private keys are the essence of any crypto assets without which any crypto asset can be considered worthless as transactions are only possible through these keys. The 24 words recovery phrase is important for your hardware wallet and the private keys stored inside it as it is a backup to your keys in case you forget your PIN for the wallet. 

If you worry about these apps interacting with other rest assured as the operating system called BOLOS designed and developed by Ledger is specifically made to avoid this problem. Therefore, even if something goes wrong with one of your applications BOLOS makes sure that it won’t affect your other applications.

Even if you uninstall an application, you need not worry about your data being lost as every Ledger device makes sure to recover every data. You have to make sure to always update these applications on time as it helps in updating your crypto assets security and can also fix bugs that you have encountered previously. It also makes sure you can get access to any new feature that has been added for cryptocurrencies.There are many applications available for the Ledger hardware wallets like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH),  XRP(XRP), etc. You can choose to Descargar AplicaciÛn Monedero Ledger according to your crypto asset.

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