Are you asking yourself, “what is my iq”? Sure, this is a question you want to confirm since you want to know how well are you doing compared with the rest of the people of the same age as yours.

IQ is also an important factor to assess when looking for a job as many companies give higher priority to applicants who have a higher level of IQ. As an applicant, it is your responsibility to sharpen your IQ and be prepared when you were asked to take a test to evaluate your cognitive and mental skills.

The good news is, many publishers and websites give people the opportunity to take different tests to evaluate their current IQ level.

Many websites offer this service, but of course, as someone who wants to get the most out of this, you have to make sure that you are on the best site, nothing else.

If you are choosing a good website, you have to do it carefully to ensure that you can get the best possible result from spending time taking cognitive exams.

There are many things people look into, but in the process of looking for good sites, there are a few factors they most of the time tend to forget looking at. Just to make sure you won’t forget any, read below:

  • It can be translated to a different language

Yes, it can be translated into a language you can understand better. Although not all sites have this option, there are many sites where users are allowed to change the language of the site’s text.

If you are not very good at the English language, you can translate the language to Chinese, Portuguese, or whatever language you understand better.

Translating the language to the language you are most comfortable using can help you answer the questions more efficiently and effectively.

  • The fees they need to pay

What are the fees you need to pay to take an IQ test from their website? Yes, there are sites where you can take the IQ test and get the result without spending even a penny, but there are some sites that require their users to pay a minimal amount. With this, you have to check on the website very carefully and see whether they require their members to pay or not. You would not want to end the test and found out that payment is required to access the result, as if you have no plans of paying, you just end up spending a lot of your time for nothing.

  • Length of time the results will come out

You also have to check on how long does the site sends the result. Sure, some sites send the result in real-time but some sites require you to wait for a long time before you can get it. Make sure that the site can issue the result same time or earlier when you need it.

By Justin